Wacker E 41 M is aqueous silicone fluid emulsion containing un-reactive medium-viscosity polydimethylsiloxane.

The emulsion creates a thin but highly effective parting film. It does not carbonise or gum even at temperatures which would quickly destroy organic mould release agents, does not build up moulds, and does not discolour or damage rubber or plastics.


Wacker E 41 M

  • Excellent high temperature resistant
  • Excellent non-stick properties in contact with sticky substances
  • Excellent water repellency


Wacker E 41 M is release agent that has been developed for use in

Rubber industry

  • As release agents in vulcanization
  • As lubricants, e.g., for gaskets

Plastic Industry

  • As release agents in the moulding of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials
  • As additive to pigments and filler to improve processability

Foundry industry

  • As release agents in diecasting, precision casting and in the Croning process.
Properties Wacker E 41 M
Appearance Milky
Emulsifying system Non-ionic
Type of Emulsion Oil in water
pH Value 6-9
Solid Content (%) 34-35