WACKER E 74M is a non-fugitive and primarily non-ionic emulsion containing 35% dimethyl silicone fluid. It is an effective and widely used release agent for rubber. This emulsion creates a thin but highly effective parting film. It does not carbonise or gum even at temperatures which would quickly destroy organic mould release agents, does not build up on moulds, and does not discolour or damage rubber or plastics.

WACKER E 74M gives an excellent surface finish to moulded parts. The reason for this characteristic is that the average particle size of WACKER E 74M is 0.5 microns. This fine particle size also contributes to the excellent release properties and the stability is excellent of both diluted and undiluted emulsion. WACKER E 74M is suitable for EVA release application without any build up in the mould.


Although it is used primarily as a mould release agent, WACKER E 74M is used in many other applications, including the following:-

EVA Release
WACKER E 74M is an excellent release agent for EVA release. Emulsion must be diluted in the ratio of 1:25 to 1:50 with demineralised water before spraying on the mold. Generally, better release properties with no build up is observed at 1:40 dilution.

WACKER E 74M is used as a lubricant for hosiery borders. The use of this emulsion has greatly reduced the number of runs in fine hosiery durin manufacturing. The addition of one percent of WACKER E 74M to the trough solution reduces needles wear and yarn breakage.

Glass and Ceramics
Properly applied and cured onto glass and ceramics, WACKER E 74M forms an invisible, durable silicone film that imparts dedicated characteristics to the treated surface. It minimizes the adhesion of other materials to the surface, thus improving free draining characteristics and facilitates cleaning. It increases water repellence, improves retention of high surface resistivity under high humidity conditions. In vials or bottles for costly pharmaceuticals, free drainage means that less product is needed to ensure a given dosage.

Release agents for rubber stoppers and rubber gaskets used on screw tops and bungs.

Tubers Release agents for surfaces of tubers used to form polyethylene and other plastic bags.

Wire and Cable lubricant
WACKER E 74M does not support fungus growth. Hence, the appearance of stored cable is not damaged by fungi, which feed on paraffin.

General Lubricant and anti-sticking agent for extruded rubber parts.
Prevents newly coiled extrusions from sticking together and improves surface appearance. Release coating for conveyors prevents sticking of products to conveyors, even those operating at high temperatures.

Rust Inhibitor
WACKER E 74M is formulated with a small amount of sodium nitrate so that it will not cause rusting. This amount of sodium nitrate is sufficient in product –water ratios up to 1:1. In more dilute solutions, the same degree of inhibition can be obtained by adding 0.1 pound of sodium nitrate for each 100 parts of water. This should not be taken to imply that Metroark 21R emulsion can be used as rust preventve on metal.

Properties Wacker E 41 M
Appearance Milky
Emulsifying system Non-ionic
Type of Emulsion Oil in water
pH Value 6-9
Solid Content (%) 34-35